Costa Rica needs 300 lagoons!

Costa Rica would be richer with 300 lagoons, and it is easy to make them!

Costa Rica is a fantastic country. The people are affable, and they have lovely Pacific and Caribbean coasts, hot-water springs  and beautiful beaches. What more can one want?images

Well, if you are under 15 or over the age of 55, you might want some pristine, calm sea water to swim in without the surf.

As a native of the Mediterranean, I missed the flat, clear sea water. I was able to find some natural, mini lagoons on the Caribbean side and on the Pacific side, but they were always crowded. The coast is suitable to make 25 – 150-meter-wide lagoons. Wherever you have lava rock on the beaches, all you need is a mid-sized excavator/breaker with a loader.

The surf was almost rudimentary at Coco Beach and Panama Beach.  But the constant small waves still made the sea ‘sand-cloudy’ all the time. Even there, a few easy-to-make lagoons would give people the pleasure of being able to swim in pristine, calm waters.

Though a seasoned swimmer, I was challenged by the surf and the pull of the current. I had to swim in a concentrated manner after finding myself pulled away by the surf.

For Coco Beach in low tide, one lagoon in front of the restaurants and one further south would suffice. On Tamarindo -or ‘Tamargringo’ Beach- one behind the Captain’s Island, one in front of La Luna, and a larger one in front of the hotels downtown would take a few days each to make.

Same for the Caribbean coast; the geography is suitable, almost inviting  to make these lagoons. It is easy to break the lava on the beach and transport some during low tide further into the sea.

The Jaco Beach lagoons could be more like seaside saltwater swimming pools. It would be easy to move larger amounts of earth from the sunset side of the beach. But further east one might even need to pump seawater into these ‘beach pools’. All in all, the country could become an example for many countries with both Atlantic and Pacific coasts.  Fish would profit greatly as well, as they would have some more breeding grounds free from larger predators and lay eggs in these lagoons.

The realization of this idea, would cost only a couple of  hundred thousand US$. I got this idea from the Seychelles, on a small island called La Digue, where a hotel had put in a few larger rocks to break the surf to offer a small beach for the customers with approx. 25 meters of pristine sea. The Royal Beach on the main island is well advertised as a ‘natural lagoon free of predators’.

These lagoons would need maintenance of some sort so a board of a geologist, oceanographer, construction engineers should be consulted. This is especially the case at Jaco Beach, which would be a bit of a constructional challenge with the interference of the waves. Perhaps the consulting board for Jaco Beach should also include a physicist for interference models.  I would gladly explain further and work on a board like this pro bono.

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