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CV of  Mahmut Tolon Md PhD

22th 7.1950 Born inIstanbul Turkey second son of Dr Nurullah Ihsan Tolon and Mihrizafer Tolon (Köstem)

1955-1964  Ankara Koleji primary and high school and

1964 –1968  Nicolaus Cusanus Gymnasium in Bad Godesberg

1968- 1975  Study of Medicine at Universities of Kiel and Bonn

1973  “externships” at the University of Sydney and “flying doctor services” in Australia and in Utah Usa  with DAAD scholarships.

1975 PhD about UV irradiation inBonn

With Dr Jutta Charlotte Tolon (Alsleben)  they have a daughter who works and lives in NYC and a son who is an engineer, historian and farmer living in Akhisar Pinarcık köyü.

1982 Internal Medicine and Nephrology at the Medical Faculty of Lübeck Germany.  After work as a nephrologist and internist  foundation of Biosan outpatient clinic in 1986 as a Turco-germanic Joint venture with the German Bank DEG  and pioneering work with Extracorporeal kidney stone treatment (Eswl)  in Istanbul and Izmir.   On the board of Biosan and some other companies till 2002.

1990 an invitation to Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. In the nineties also work with the Turkmenian Academy of Sciences in Ashgabad about erosion.

Since 1991 active farming in Manisa Akhisar in the Aegean region of Turkey (olives, almonds) on 150 hectares land, he bought as barren land then.

1975 the publication of Dr Paul Ehrlich’s bestseller  “Population Bomb”, in Turkish.  1990 /91 a columnist in Milliyet Gazetesi.

Also many international scientific articles especially about UV irradiation and extracorporeal kidney and gallstone treatment.

Publication of  essays \”Goat and Adultery\” 1993

Since 2000 Mahmut Tolon lives in Urla Izmir / (ancient sites of Limantepe-Klozemenai) taught  a postgraduate course Longevity and coexistence of cultures at Dokuz Eylül University  2005-2013, and teaches Natural sciences for SUNY students at Izmir University of Economics from 2006 till present .

He lectures about evolution. Has written : Bias is beautiful  (Usa), Book of Manners (Görgü) in Turkish 2011 ,  Pöms von einem Gastarbeiter   which he has written (1968-75)  under the pseudonym BNDeniz and was published in Germany(1991)  has been translated into Turkish and published by the renowned Turkish Philosopher Ahmet Inam who has called Tolon the “time-maker” Zaman Yapıcının Şiirleri (2010).

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